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SEEGOBIN cosmetic clinic

Our cosmetic clinic goal is to provide the highest standard of cosmetic skin care for our clients using state of the art equipment and highly trained practitioners to achieve the best result you desire without compromising your safety. Our Clinic aims to educate clients to help them make an informed decision about their health and beauty. Every treatment is customized to the unique needs and desires of our clients. Dr. Seegobin Cosmetic Clinic in Vaughan, Georgetown and Woodbridge believes that our appearance does influence the way we feel about ourselves and vice versa. While regular exercise, diet restriction, adequate fluid intake, adequate sleep, managing stress, daily intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid tanning, using sunscreen, fat reduction and maintain healthy relationships are important to feeling and looking good----maintaining a routine skin care regimen is important to a healthy beautiful looking skin. Call our cosmetic clinic at 905-303-0666 for your best choice of laser centre for non-surgical fat reduction, laser treatment, wrinkle treatments and skin care in Vaughan, Georgetown and Woodbridge.

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